This is Originally a $.00 package but unfortunately due to circumstances need to get rid of a family pet :(
Our Western Chuckwalla Lizard is a friendly family pet that lives off our love and attention and eats right from our fridge. He is a vegetation lizard that likes to eat: Romain lettuce, Broccoli, Green grapes and sometimes somes carrots and celery. His most favorite is "Dandy Lions" which unfortunately is only available during certain times of the year BUT need to make sure when we pick them that they haven't been sprayed with chemicals!!! Also, something he can NOT eat is: Banana's or regular lettuce!!! This is VERY Harmful for them!!! Otherwise, you just need to try little bits of this and that from your fridge to see if he likes....It seems like he could care less about: Apples, Mushrooms and Cauliflower.
His name is: BUDDY and usually reacts to his name :) Buddy is a very Friendly, Lovable lizard that likes alot of special attention but still needs to be dealt with delicately....Sorry but he's one of my babies and will only let him go to someone who is willing to give him the Love and Attention that he Needs with Gentleness! He's a really good boy and would have to say a Great Dinosaur to have as a family member :)
I will only respond to someone "Serious"!!! Otherwise...don't waste my time or yours! You may think this is just a Lizard...but he's been a family member for 3 years and I've held him every single day since brought him home so I won't just let him go just because...Thank You :)
Included besides the Lizard named BUDDY is: a full glass cage with a mesh lid but the lid does have a rip in it that possible needs to be replace only if you felt necessary...a florescent light with a heat light...also his sand but the sand NEEDS to be replaced with fresh sand...and some of his rocks, a tree, some leaves and his rock cave that he Loves :)