Have a bunch of African Cichlids for sale. A few different kinds are available. Polits, Yellow tops, Afra cobue, and Electric Yellow juveniles 2" - 2 1/2".
$2.00 each
Adult breeding group of afra cobues.
1 male, 3 females
Juveniles 1 male, 3 females $20.00 for all
Electric Yellows
1 Large Male, 3 Juveniles, 5 fry $10.00 for all

Yellow Tops
juveniles 1 male, 5 females $10.00 for all

Juveniles 2 males, 1 female, 6 fry $10.00 for all

Or all fish on list for $40.00
Trying to clean up tank for shut down and sale as will be moving in the near future and can't take with me.
Also willing to listen to offers
Contact if interested